Aerosrapy® TB

Automatice la tinción de muestras de fluidos corporales para facilitar la detección de bacilos ácido alcohol resistente incluyendo mycobacterium tuberculosis usando fluorescencia o carbol fucsina.

Aerospray® Gram

Automatice la tinción de Automates the staining of pure strain isolate smears and human specimens with microorganisms to facilitate enhanced clarity and debris free slides using the Gram differentiation method.

Aerospray® Hematology Pro

WORLD’S BEST STAINER IN PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY Series 2 ALCOHOL BASED Hematology AEROSPRAY® HEMATOLOGY PRO Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge Automates the staining of blood and other body fluids to facilitate enhanced clarity using a rapid stain mode, a longer Wright-Giemsa mode, a May Grünwald Giemsa (MGG) mode or custom settings.